The purpose of the Pre-Submittal Analysis is to provide you with information regarding County policies, regulations and constraints that may have a major effect upon a contemplated project. A Pre-Submittal Analysis is recommended when the Ventura County Ordinance Code Zoning Matrix cannot readily categorize a proposed project or when the contemplated project is “extraordinary” in its scope, type or potential impacts on the environment. A Pre-Submittal Analysis is required prior to filing an application for a Tract Map and recommended for Parcel Map applications.

  • Preliminary Legal Lot Determination

For a more formal determination of legal lot status, an application must be submitted to the Public Works Agency, County Surveyor Division, for a Certificate of Compliance (“legal lot certificate”).

For application forms and further information, please contact:
County Surveyor’s Office (805) 654-2067

To check if a Legal Lot Determination has been made on your parcel, please contact:
Planning Counter: (805) 654-2488
Fax: (805) 654-2509
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be prepared to provide all Assessor’s Parcel Numbers.