The County considers a Storage Shed to be an accessory structure, which is defined as a detached structure containing no kitchen or cooking facilities, located upon the same lot as the building or use to which it is accessory, and the use of which is customarily incidental, appropriate and subordinate to the use of the principal building or to the principal use of the lot. Accessory structures can also include workshops, cabanas, gazebos, garages, and carports.

To determine the type of planning permit required for a proposed storage shed, you must determine if your project site is located in a coastal or non-coastal area.

For project sites located in non-coastal areas, accessory structures that conform to sections 8105-4, 8106-5/6/7, and 8106-8.3 of the Non-Coastal Zoning Ordinance are permitted on all residentially zoned parcels. However, for project sites located in coastal areas, accessory structures are permissible on condition of conformity to sections 8175-3.6 and 8175-4.1 of the Coastal Zoning Ordinance.