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The Resource Management Agency continually seeks to increase transparency and accountability, ensure fairness, and deliver excellent customer service.  The RMA 2014 Strategic Plan reflects the agency’s sixth year in its implementation of Lean tools to foster this continuous process improvement.  The Strategic Plan reaffirms the agency’s mission and objectives, identifies value-added projects, and chronicles the agency’s accomplishments.

Staff participation and engagement in process improvements is critical to the success of the agency’s strategic plan.  As such, the plan also includes Lean Deployment Metrics which charts the progress of the agency’s employee training and exposure to lean concepts and tools.  The metrics are focused on providing appropriate training to employees depending on their level of participation in lean activities.

Through an annual planning session, RMA’s Executive Management identifies projects which will improve our services and further our efforts to fulfill the agency’s mission.  In its infancy in 2009, the agency’s strategic plan focused on administrative and procedural projects that improved internal communication and standardized practices.  Since then, the projects have spanned across county departments and directly impacted customers such as opening a new satellite office for increased restaurant inspection frequencies and improving the business license process between county agencies.

Notably, the agency’s proactive culture inaugurated the county’s continuous improvement efforts using Lean Six methodology with the Planning Division’s Discretionary Permit Process.  Initiated in 2008 and completed in 2011, the discretionary permit process improvement effort lent itself well to the Lean tools by engaging all stakeholders, county agencies and customers, to identify and successfully complete over 20 projects that together made up the Get to Excellence Plan for County permitting.

Discretionary Permit Processing