Zoning Compliance Project (Countywide)

California State Law (Government Code, Title 7, Div. 1, Chapter 4, Art. 2, § 65860 et. seq.) requires that the zoning classifications for any jurisdiction be consistent with the General Plan land use designations. Since the County’s rezoning program in the mid-1980s, changes occurred to the General Plan that resulted in several hundred parcels with zoning that is inconsistent with the General Plan or Area Plan land use designations. In addition, the minimum parcel size for Rural-designated land was increased from one acre to two acres in the General Plan, but the compatible RA (Rural Agricultural) and CR (Coastal Rural) zones still specify a one-acre minimum.

On November 10, 2015, the Board of Supervisors directed the Planning Division to resolve these existing inconsistencies, which will require zoning map corrections and text amendments to the Non-Coastal Zoning Ordinance. Planning staff is currently in the process of assessing the number and type of necessary rezones. Due to the large size of this compliance effort, it is expected that these inconsistencies will be resolved in multiple phases. For example, text amendments and less complicated rezones will be processed first, while rezones that require an Environmental Impact Report will be processed last. Additionally, identified inconsistencies that qualify as map corrections will be completed over time by the County’s GIS staff or will be processed with the rezoning package.

All proposed solutions for compliance will be presented during a public outreach program for this project. Once a package is ready for public review, information will be made available on this web site regarding upcoming public meetings. The Planning Division will also distribute postcards with meeting announcements to all affected property owners. Ultimately, any text amendments or changes to zoning classifications will be reviewed by the Ventura County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. However, public hearings for the first phase of this project is not expected to take place until Fall 2017. All property owners will be notified in advance of public hearings.

Please visit this website for periodic updates for the project phasing, expected outreach meetings and public hearing schedules. If you have questions regarding the project, please contact the Project Planner, Ruchita Kadakia at (805) 654-2414 or Ruchita.Kadakia@ventura.org