Ventura County Locally Important Species List

The Ventura County General Plan identifies Locally Important Species as significant biological resources to be protected from incompatible land uses and development (Goal 1.5.1). Locally Important PlantsTo ensure consistent identification of Locally Important Species, standard criteria for Locally Important Plants and Animals were established in the Biological Resources Section of the Initial Study Assessment Guidelines. The Planning Division maintains a list of plants and animals that meet the criteria for Locally Important Species, and updates the list on an annual basis if changes are warranted.

Proposals for additions to or removals from the Locally Important Species List may be submitted by filling out a Ventura County Locally Important Species Data Form and by submitting that form to the Planning Division. It should include citations for the sources of information that support statements about a species’ populations, range, important habitats, and status. Due to the additional time that was required to complete this past year’s update, we are extending the timeline for submission of new proposals and the next annual review period. Species Data Forms will thus be accepted from now through September 29, 2017 and reviewed for the 2017 update of the Locally Important Species List.

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