Negative Declarations

If the Lead Agency finds that the project will not have an impact on the environment, the Lead Agency will prepare a Negative Declaration (ND).  A ND is a legal statement that either describes the reasons why a proposed project will not have a significant adverse effects on the environment or that compliance with specific Federal, State or County regulations would avoid a significant impact, and thus does not require an Environmental Impact Report.

Case Number PL17-0056

Applicant: K & M Development

Notice of Availability and Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration

Description: The applicant requests that a Tentative Parcel Map (Case No. PL17-0056) be granted that would authorize the subdivision of a 33,564 square foot (sf) lot into three lots proposed with the following dimensions: Lot A at 10,570.32 sf, Lot B at 10,570.65 sf, Lot C at 10,525.30 sf. After subdivision, Lots A and C could be developed with a single family dwelling and an accessory dwelling unit with ministerial permits. Estimated earthwork includes 930 cubic yards (cy) of cut, 440 cy of fill and 490 cy of export to provide utility connections and right-of-way improvements to serve Lots A and C.

Location: 2881 Avenida Simi, in the Simi Valley area

APN: 611-0-070-420

Review Start and End Dates: 08/21/2017 to 09/010/2017

Case Planner: Kristina Boero, ph# (805) 654-2467


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