Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS)

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OWTS Inspection Hotline 805 477-7136

The Environmental Health Division OWTS Program is responsible for protecting public health and the environment from the potential adverse health and environmental impacts associated with onsite individual sewage disposal systems. Staff carry out this responsibility through review of septic system design proposals, review of septic system design criteria, and inspection of both new septic system construction and repair of existing systems to determine conformance with applicable codes.

An OWTS, also referred to as a septic system, is used for the disposal of wastewater from structures that do not have access to a public wastewater treatment facility. Wastewater from a septic system may contain many types of contaminants such as nitrates, bacteria, chemicals, and viruses. If a septic system is designed incorrectly or is not constructed in conformance with applicable building codes and construction practices, contaminants may enter the groundwater supply or may result in the ponding of sewage above ground causing direct exposure to people and animals.

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