New Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
AB 885 Standards

Welcome to the Environmental Health Division (EHD)’s web page on the new Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTSs) “AB 885” standards. These new standards were adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board in June, 2012, and are expected to become effective in 2013. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors directed the EHD to prepare proposed changes to the existing local OWTS regulatory program to implement the new State standards.

As a part of this program modification process, the EHD is re-examining the existing Ventura County Ordinance Code requirements for OWTSs (also referred to as “Individual Sewage Disposal Systems” or “septic systems”). The EHD is also reviewing the Ventura County Sewer Policy. The purpose of these reviews is to identify and address any changes necessary to bring Ventura County requirements into conformance with the new State standards.

The links below provide the text of the new State standards, and provide resources to enable you to be informed about any proposed changes to Ventura County OWTS standards, and facilitate your ability to provide comments or suggestions to the EHD throughout the Ventura County OWTS standards modification process.