Ventura County Cleanup Program

The Ventura County Cleanup Program (VCCP) began in 1996 with the passage of SB 1248 by the State Legislature. This bill allows local environmental health programs to oversee the cleanup of sites where hazardous materials or wastes have been released not associated with underground tanks.
The Ventura County Environmental Health Division established the VCCP in order to assist local businesses with the cleanup of these sites.

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Effective July 1, 2014, the Ventura County Environmental Health Division discontinued the Leaking Underground Fuel Tank (LUFT) program.

Please contact Mr. Yue Rong at the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board for more information.

Ventura County Cleanup Program Contacts

Manager                                            Project Manager      

Rick Bandelin                                    Gina Teresa PG
805 654-2815                                     805 662-6510

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