Underground Storage Tank Program

The Ventura County Environmental Health Division regulates the construction, operation, repair and removals of underground storage tank (UST) systems within Ventura County, with the exception of the City of Oxnard and the City of Ventura.

The goal of the UST Program is to protect public health, the environment and groundwater. To accomplish this goal, Environmental Health ensures that facilities with UST operations are properly permitted and meet the monitoring requirements applicable to their type of equipment.

This is accomplished during plan check and inspection activities. Each UST site is inspected annually to determine if the UST facility is in compliance with all applicable sections of the California Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.7 and California Code of Regulations Title 23.

Ventura County CUPA Contacts


Alicia Morales

805- 654-2823

Program Specialist


Other Regulatory Contacts

Oxnard CUPA

Nathan West

805- 385-8364

Ventura PA

Foster McLean

805 - 654-7795

Alex Coronado

805 - 677-3985

Joe Grant

805- 654-7792