Medical Waste/Body Art Program

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To protect public health and safety and the environment from potential exposure to disease causing agents, the Environmental Health Division Medical Waste Program regulates the generation, handling, storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste throughout the County by providing oversight for the implementation of the following.

Staff of the Medical Waste Program perform routine inspections, issue registrations and/or permits to medical waste generators and investigate complaints. The Medical Waste Program also responds to illegal disposal incidents whenever the need arises.

The Body Art Program oversees the registration of body art practitioners, inspects and permits facilities that provide tattooing, body piercing and the application of permanent cosmetics, regulates temporary events, and investigates complaints in Ventura County.

Assembly Bill AB1168, known as "The Safe Body Art Act" became law on October 4, 2013 resulting in revisions to the existing requirement for all body art activities including body piercing, tattooing, permanent cosmetics facilities, temporary events, and mechanical ear piercing. The revisions to the existing law became effective January 1. 2014.

Medical Waste/Body Art Program Contacts


Rick Bandelin

805 654-2815


Jim Wada

805 654-2435

Program Specialists


Glenn Austin

805 477-7110

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