California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

Effective January 1, 2013, all businesses that submit facility information such as hazardous materials business plans, underground storage tank, and hazardous waste generator forms and related documents, will be required to use the internet to submit this information to their local agency electronically through an electronic information management system known as the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS).

Ventura County Environmental Health Division (EHD) uploaded existing regulated business information from our local database into the CERS database.  As a result, most of our businesses will only need to create an account, log-in to the CERS website, search for their facility, and request access to that facility.  For newly regulated facilities, a new facility must be created from scratch.

To get started using CERS, create a user identification at CERS Central by clicking the “Creating a New Account” icon and complete the required steps.  To gain access to your facility, follow the steps to Request Access to an Existing CERS Business. Your request will go to EHD for processing. If EHD does not currently have you associated with the business you are requesting access to, you will need to complete the Lead User Authorization Form and submit to EHD for approval. Once approved, you will be invited to access your facility in CERS.  If you are a multi-jurisdictional business, and have created a CERS Organization, Cal/EPA will approve your lead user. Additional information on creating an organization can be found at CERS Central or the September 30, 2011 Organization information sheet from Cal/EPA.

When submitting information through CERS, a few of the submittal elements such as facility site maps, emergency response/contingency plans, and several underground storage tank program information forms are separate documents that must be completed and uploaded into CERS.  Templates for many of these forms can be found on the CERS site or on our website at

Once fully implemented, CERS will benefit regulated facilities by simplifying the document submittal process, including new information submittals and updating existing information to the Unified Program Agencies, such as EHD. CERS will allow response agencies quick access to current data during emergency response activities. More information on CERS and e-reporting can be found at Cal EPA website;

For businesses that have limited computer access or need additional direct assistance, the CUPA staff will be available to assist you in entering your Uniform Program data into CERS. Please contact your inspector if you need help or have additional questions.

The documents below provide additional information on CERS, including guidance documents to assist you in navigating through CERS.

CERS Guidance Documents