Complaint Report

Complaints can be reported over the phone at (805) 654-2813 or online using this form. If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1.

This form is to be used only for non-emergency complaints.

Please use this page to report a problem or to notify us about activities that may be of public health concern. This may include conditions such as:

  • Foodborne Illness
  • Restaurant problems
  • Sewage or wastewater discharge at a
    property or facility
  • Abandoned or improperly disposed rubbish
  • Medical Waste and Body Art
  • Mosquito breeding
  • Public Swimming pools
  • Hazardous Waste/Materials
  • To report a dead wild bird call (877) 968-2473

Please complete all fields below and click on the Submit button to send your complaint. Staff will address your concerns as soon as possible and you will be contacted with the results of our investigation.

Please be aware that an adult (over 18 years) has to be available for contact.

Your name, phone number, e-mail, and address are kept confidential. We request your contact information so that we may reach you if we need additional information to properly address your complaint and to report the results of our investigation.

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