Recreational Health - Public Pools and Spas

The Community Services staff inspects more than 1,500 public swimming pools and spas annually within the County. These inspections are conducted to ensure that the required safety standards and pool water quality are maintained in all pools available to the public.

A public swimming pool is any pool, wading pool, or spa that serves more than 3 families and includes pools at: condominiums, apartments, home owner associations, clubs, gyms, and community centers.

Plans and specifications for construction of proposed pools/spas are evaluated prior to construction to ensure that all public pools are constructed in compliance with minimum construction and safety standards.

Complaints and reports of illness related to water recreational facilities are also investigated as part of this program. To file a complaint regarding a public swimming pool, please click here or call 805/654-2813. Also, you can click here for a listing of pool, spa and wading pool closures.

If you have any questions about the construction or operation of a public pool, please click on a link below or call 805/654-2813.


Staff Specialist:

Ashley Kennedy

805 654-2825


Doug Beach

805 654-3519


Debbie Borsos

805 654-5039

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