Violation Examples

Illegal Dwellings or Living in Recreational Vehicles

Some typical examples of illegal dwellings are accessory structures or garages converted to habitable space mobile homes all without first obtaining permits. Recreational vehicles are not designed to be used as permanent housing unless they are located in a park designed for that purpose.

Trimming/Removal of Protected Trees

Any trees that are listed in Section 8107-25.2, Table 1 of the Ventura County Non-coastal Zoning Ordinance or any heritage or historical tree that meets the dimensional standards therein requires a permit prior to altering or removal.

Open Storage

The placement or keeping, in an area not fully enclosed by the walls of a building, of miscellaneous objects and materials accessory to the principle use of the property, including inoperable vehicles, unlicensed boats and trailers, building materials, reusable parts and equipment, household furniture, appliances, etc

Unpermitted Buildings or Constructions

All construction projects require that both a Zoning Clearance from Planning and Building Permit from Building and Safety be obtained prior to the onset of construction.

Illegal Fences and Walls

Any fence or wall that exceeds six feet in height requires a Zoning Clearance from Planning and permits from Building and Safety be obtained prior to construction. No fence or wall exceeding three feet in height may be constructed within the front setback of the property unless it is at least 50 percent see-through.

Illegal Businesses

Any commercial activity must be located in the correct zone, have a current business license and must have obtained the appropriate discretionary permit prior to operation. Commercial activities are not allowed in a residential zone unless it meets the requirements of a Home Occupation business. A Zoning Clearance from Planning must be obtained prior to operation.

Keeping Excessive Numbers of Pet or Farm Animals

Limitations are imposed as to the number of pet or farm animals that can be kept on a piece of property. The number is determined depending on the Zoning and size of the parcel.

Illegal Signs

The purpose of the sign ordinance is to promote traffic safety and the aesthetics of the visual environment of Ventura County through the regulation of all signs within the unincorporated areas, except in public rights-of-way. Allowed signs must be placed after obtaining a Zoning Clearance from Planning and permits from Building and Safety, if necessary.

Substandard Housing

Substandard Housing Conditions: California Health and Safety Code (Section 17920.3), the Uniform Housing Code and Dangerous Building Codes provides minimum housing standards that houses should meet.

Examples of substandard housing would be lack of heat, inoperable windows, leaking roof, or lack of potable water. If tenants believe they may be living in substandard housing conditions, they should look up their rental rights listed with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.

In order for Building and Land Use Enforcement to do an inspection, the tenant must notify the property owner in writing and give the owner 14 days in which to make repairs.  A copy of the written notification is required.